Pinot Files for the Pinot-philes

We recorded this as a companion to the print issue which included Matt piece, "Pinot Files for the Pinot-philes". Matt is great on tape- natural and funny- but the main reason why I love recording with Matt is because he confidently communicates things that he knows, and he knows a lot. Matt doesn't make me dig for interesting things to talk about. He knows what we're there to do, and he handles it. 

These wine podcasts are always a lot of fun, because I get to learn a lot about the world of wine. I like to imagine myself as a member of the audience, and let my natural curiosity dictate a lot of my questions or a lot of the conversation. Matt's the perfect person for that, too, because he makes the world of wine interesting and accessible.

Also- the lead in/out music is Jurassic 5. It just felt right, for whatever reason.